Cooks suspended after mass poisoning at wedding

TN News

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Health officials in the southernVietnamese province of Tay Ninh on Friday suspended a catering company after 84 wedding guests at one of their events were hospitalized with food poisoning.


Nguyen Thanh Nga, owner of the operation, failed to produce food safety and hygiene certificates, business registration, and the relevant papers for her chefs.


Nga only presented a certificate from 2007 that showed she had trained employees about food hygiene and safety.


Health inspectors said the facility was messy, unhygienic and it was hard to distinguish between cooked and uncooked food.


Nga can restart the business when she acquires a food hygiene and safety certificate, said officials in Tay Ninh Province, neighboring Ho Chi Minh City.


Most of the poisoned guests are still in hospital after the wedding party on Sunday. They were hospitalized with severe stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhea.


The wedding party had 600 guests.

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