Contaminated drinking water sold in Vietnam hub

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Many contaminated bottles of Aquasun drinking water in Ho Chi Minh City were sold at hospitals and schools despite a ban four months ago, VnExpress reported.


Inspectors from Ho Chi Minh City Health Department on Monday found the bottler of Aquasun, located in District 7, continued to sell the water and was about to deliver hundreds of bottles.


Nearly two months ago, the producer was suspended and forced to revoke and dispose their products after the water was found contaminated with Pseudomonas bacterium.


Inspectors then sealed many water bottles but they found this time the seals had been removed so the bottles could continue to be sold.


"Just like in the previous inspection, the producers this time also failed to meet hygiene requirements," an inspector said about the Monday inspection.


Pseudomonas can cause intestinal infection or blood infection at injuries. It has widespread occurence in water and is resistant to popular antibiotics.


HCMC health inspectors since 2009 has suspended many water bottlers whose products were found containing the bacterium.


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