Conjoined twins successfully separated in central Vietnam

TN News

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Doctors in the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum on Tuesday surgically separated conjoined twins who attracted much public attention for being born on July 1 without a C-section.


The two baby girls are in stable condition after undergoing a two-hour surgery at Kon Tum General Hospital.


The twins were attached at the abdomen, but luckily no internal organs were attached.


Y Oi, their 31-year-old mother, previously did not know her twins were conjoined as ultrasound scans during her pregnancy did not detect the condition.


Ultrasound scans showed that one twin was positioned with its head down so doctors decided that the woman could give birth naturally.


When the first baby was halfway out, the doctors realized that the second baby was attached to her.


It took a lot of skill and effort for doctors to deliver the babies safely.


The doctors said it is rare for conjoined twins to be born vaginally and called their success in this instance lucky.


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