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When the weather turns a bit colder, it’s all the more important that women take care of their fragile skin. To stay happy, healthy and strong while retaining your skin’s softness and smoothness throughout the winter, make sure you stay warm, keep your skin out of the cold and get lots of exercise to improve blood circulation. But the most important thing is what you eat.

1. Potato, longan and goose

For people with slim bodies, yellow skin, dry or prematurely white and grey hair, or high levels of exhaustion and stress, simply eating right can help you fortify your body and nourish your skin and hair. The ingredients for potato, longan and goose soup aren’t hard to find at all, and the dish makes for the perfect winter remedy.

Quickly dip 750g of goose in boiling water, then place it in a bowl. Slice it into four-centimeter pieces. Peel and smash some ginger and peel and slice 150g of potatoes into medium-sized pieces. Heat 75g of cooking oil in a pan and fry the goose pieces until they are brown and remove them. Then fry the potatoes until they are brown and remove them.

In the second step, heat 50g of oil in another pan. Fry the ginger with some spring onions. Then combine the ginger, onions and goose in 1.5 liters of pre-prepared meat broth and add a bit of alcohol, salt, soy sauce, pepper. Cook over a high fire for 15 minutes, and then turn the fire to low, add the potatoes and 50g of longan. Stew until potatoes are soft, remove onion and ginger, and season to taste.

2. Beef and nhc thung dung

In this dish, herbs and beef fortify the kidney, reduce body fat, nourish the skin and brighten the color of the eyes. The dish is suitable for people with symptoms of weak kidneys, such as impotence, tinnitus, back and knee soreness, and general dazed feelings and weak health. However, people with a cold or fever should not make this dish. Slice 100g of beef into medium-sized pieces and dip them in boiling water. Soak 15g of nhc thung dung (herba cistanches) and slice the softened pieces. Slice 15g of thỏ ty t (semen cuscutsae or cuscuta seed) and slice into pieces. Put all ingredients in a pan, add ginger and salt, cover and boil in water. Boil for three hours, and then season with whatever spices you like. You can use the remedy once a day.

3. Chicken porridge and ginseng

We also know a nutritious breakfast porridge that cleans the blood and nourishes the skin. Slender people with low blood pressure, skinny faces, slow minds, depression, or premature white hair should use this remedy. However, people with a cold or fever should not ingest this concoction.

For ingredients, you should prepare a one-kilogram chicken, 15g of ginseng and 150g of rice.

Slice ginseng into pieces, and clean a 1kg chicken, removing its claws and internal organs, but keeping its liver. Slice the liver. Wash 50g of c mài (yam) and 150g of rice.

Place the chicken in water and cook under high flame until it is fully boiled. Dim the flame and simmer for one hour. Then remove the chicken and shred. Add ginseng, rice and yam into the chicken water and boil under a high flame for 15 minutes. Then stew the rice above a low flame for 30 minutes to make it into porridge. Add the liver and chicken meat. Cook for 15 minutes and

By herbalist Bang Cam

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