Coca-Cola says no toxic drink in Vietnam

TN News

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Coca-Cola has said it does not sell in Vietnam a beverage it had to recall in China when one child died and three others became ill after drinking them late last month.


Nguyen Khoa My, public relations chief of Coca-Cola in Southeast Asia, told news website VnExpress December 7 that strawberry-flavored Pulpy Milky, a yogurt drink that caused nationwide concern in China, "is not sold in Vietnam."


It is made by Coca-Cola subsidiary Minute Maid.


My said Minute Maid only sells Nutriboost yoghurt in strawberry and orange flavors in Vietnam. "The products were developed just for Vietnam," he said.


He claimed that Minute Maid products were all safe since Coca-Cola had checked samples in Vietnam after the China incident.


AFP reported that a Chinese boy who drank a Pulpy Milky yoghurt drink died November 28 in Jilin Province, prompting a mass recall of the product.


Chinese authorities later said it was "a case of deliberate poisoning" after investigations found no other drinks contaminated either at the store or at Coca-Cola plants and distributors' places in the province.

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