Clinic has license revoked after after boy's death

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Ho Chi Minh City's health department on Wednesday revoked indefinitely the license of a traditional medicine clinic after a 16-year-old boy who was given an infusion there died earlier this month.

Nguyen Minh Hung, chief inspector of HCMC Department of Health, said it was illegal for Nguyen Van Ninh, who ran the clinic in Hoc Mon District, to give the infusion to Doan Quoc Huy. Ninh was only licensed to examine and prescribe drugs, Hung said.

Ninh has been fined VND5.5 million (US$294.75) for the violation.

Meanwhile, related agencies were conducting tests and further investigation into the case, according to inspectorates.

Huy's family said that on March 3, he had bought drugs at the drugstore run by Ninh's wife, Le Thi Thuy next to his clinic, to treat his fever.

As the fever didn't go down, Huy returned to the drugstore the next morning, and was given more medicines by Ninh.

Later the same day, Huy's grandmother, Huynh My Lien, took him there again because he had developed rashes. Thuy then asked Ninh to give him an infusion.

Health inspectors found he was infused with Glucose 5%.

During the infusion, Huy vomited and started to have convulsions, and his family rushed him to the Thuan An Hospital in the adjacent province of Binh Duong, where he died four days later, they said.

Some reports said Thuy and Ninh tried to stop Huy's family from bringing him to hospital right after he began showing the abnormal symptoms, delaying the latter from leaving until an hour or so later.

No final conclusion has been reached about the cause of Huy's death, the health inspectors said.

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