City seasonings use possibly carcinogenic industrial dye

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Three seasoning producers in Ho Chi Minh City have used industrial dye that is a suspected carcinogen, the health department of Vietnam's southern hub said Thursday.

The six samples were contaminated with Rhodamine B, a chemical used in textile industry banned from use in food in Vietnam.

Among them are beef stew seasoning samples that contained 332 mg of Rhodamine B per kilogram and beef stew coloring power that contained 680.5 mg of Rhodamine B per kilo. Both samples are from the brand Kim Nga.

Kim Nga was earlier found to use Rhodamine B in its chili powder and reddening powder. The city Health Department inspectors suspended the producer on January 29.

Meanwhile Kim Thanh factory in Binh Chanh District was found using 31.7 mg of Rhodamine B in each kilo of dried satay powder, a seasoning made of chili and cooking oil.

The reddening powder and stew seasonings at Nam An seasoning producer in District 6 also contained a slight amount of Rhodamine B.

HCMC health inspectors have sealed 483 kilograms of the contaminated seasonings at Nam An and closed the factory temporarily.

Nam An was also asked to withdraw the contaminated products from the market and dispose of. them

All the samples were taken from Binh Tay, a major food wholesale market in District 6.

Rhodamine B costs less than other colorings for food and offers more attractive colors, experts said.

Source: Thanh Nien

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