City rushes to prevent cholera outbreak after baby's death

TN News

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Vietnamese doctors in Ho Chi Minh City have said that a four-year-old boy died from cholera on Wednesday.


The Binh Chanh District boy vomited and suffered acute diarrhea throughout Sunday morning, said Dr. Lai Phuoc Hoa, Director of the district's preventive health center.


He died the same day, before he could be hospitalized.


The following day, his two year-old twin brothers came down with the same symptoms, prompting their family to admit them to the HCMC Hospital for Tropical Diseases, where they both tested positive for vibrio cholerae, Hoa said.


The family uses a makeshift lavatory adjoining a canal which flows to District 8, according to Hoa. As a result, doctors say it would be very difficult for them to maintain sanitary conditions.


So far the center has sterilized the neighborhood's water source and distributed antibiotics to 98 local families.


Scientists from the city's Pasteur Institute and Preventive Health Center have collected samples for testing. 

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