Child patient at Vietnamese hospital has surgery on wrong leg

By Thanh Duc, Thanh Nien News

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A hospital in the southern province of Vinh Long has admitted its fault and promised that there will be punishment for the doctor who performed a surgical procedure on a 6-year-old’s leg, without his family's consent.
The boy was supposed to have a Baker’s cyst, a tumor at the back of the knee, on his left leg removed.
But doctor Bui Vinh Phuc at the provincial general hospital on July 29 conducted an operation on his right leg.
Nguyen Thanh Nhom, director of the hospital, said that the boy had tumors on both of his legs but the one on his left leg was bigger.
Doctors therefore decided to start with the left leg first.
When the lead surgeon of the case left for an emergency procedure, Phuc took over. 
He noticed a small cyst on the right leg and chose to remove it instead, without the family's consent. 
Nhom conceded that his doctors failed to inform the patient's family of the procedure.
Nhom said doctors will move on to the left leg after the boy recovers, if the family lets them.

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