Central Vietnam toddler dies after brother feeds her toad eggs

Thanh Nien News

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A 2-year-old in the Central Highlands died on Wednesday after her 9-year-old brother cooked a toad and fed her the eggs that he did not know were poisonous. 
The eldest brother from the poor family in Dak Lak Province said their mother was working in the field, so he decided to make lunch with the toad he had just caught for his 4-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister, local media reported.
He saved the eggs for his sister, sharing some of the meat with the other sibling. 
Their mother came back that afternoon when the boys were vomiting and the girl was already unconscious.
She took them to the province’s general hospital.
But doctors could not save the girl, whose organs had been damaged by the high amount of toxins. 
The boys survived. 
Many poor children in rural Vietnam take care of their own meals at early ages.
This is not the first time some of them die because of self-served toad dishes, as they are usually not aware that many toads are extremely poisonous in their skin, eggs and internal organs.

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