Cash penalties to keep doctors in line

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Doctors could be fined up to VND40 million (US$2,100) for treatment violations at hospitals, according to a new draft decree on medical examinations and treatment.

Under the decree proposed by the Ministry of Health, doctors and nurses will be fined VND30-40 million for misusing patients' organs, tissue or bodies slated for donation.

Enabling an illegal surrogate pregnancy is subject to between VND20-30 ($1,050-1,570) million in cash penalties, said the draft, which has been released for discussion before taking effect at the beginning of 2011.

Medical institutes will be fined between VND10-30 million for not treating waste according to regulations, not following bacterial contamination procedures, or not providing their workers with safe and hygienic equipment.

They will have to pay the same amount of money if they conduct surgeries or any medical intervention without the agreement of the patient or their representative, except when the head of the institute orders the intervention for the purpose of saving the patient.

The decree imposes cash penalties of between VND15-25 million ($786-1,310) upon unsafe, improper or ineffective use of drugs for in-patients, as well as for prescriptions that do not fit the diagnoses.

Medical workers will be fined VND10-19 million ($524-995) if they don't follow assignments by authorized agencies during natural disasters or epidemics. The same fines are imposed on doctors who fail to make public working hours and prices at their clinics.

Doctors are subject to fines between VND10-15 million ($524- 786) if they reveal personal information including name, age, address or images of people who donate or receive donated sperm and foetuses.

The donation is only allowed to be conducted at authorized institutes.

Those who provide medical services without licenses or when they have been suspended will be fined VND5-10 million ($262-524), the bill said.

Lowest fines, between VND1-3 million ($52-157), will be handed out to doctors who use beer, alcohol or cigarettes while on duty or are under the influence while working.

They will be forced to pay the same amount if they are reported to have caused unnecessary difficulties for patients or if they are caught abusing their positions to violate patients' bodies or reputations, or treating patients subjectively and/or unfairly.

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