Boy chokes to death on jelly in Vietnam

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A four-year-old boy choked to death while eating jelly in the southern province of Binh Duong on Wednesday.

Nguyen Cao Khang was eating the jelly his mother bought from a local market, when he began foaming at the mouth, and his body turned purple.

His family rushed him to Thuan An Town's General Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead upon arrival.

Khang also choked on sausage three months ago but was rescued. Doctors said the previous chocking incident had probably weakened the boy's respiratory tract.

Vietnam has recorded several cases in which children choked on jelly, and either died, or if they were rescued, were unable to survive without life support machines.

In one rare case, a 14-month-old victim in Hanoi stopped breathing when being admitted to a hospital last October. However, he was rescued without suffering brain damage.

Local doctors have called on parents to not feed children jelly, saying that it does not have any nutritional value, and carries high risks of fatal choking. 

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