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Thanh long (dragon fruit), the staple fruit of Binh Thuan Province, and chôm chôm (rambutan) from the southern provinces of Dong Nai, Ben Tre and Vinh Long, are cheap and can both be used to strengthen our health.

Both dragon fruit and rambutans have fiber that helps our body rid itself of waste, fatty substances, cholesterol and exhaustion.

Diabetics and women who want to have smooth skin or lose weight should eat dragon fruit and rambutans. Dragon fruit gives you energy and helps you look young and fresh by slowing the aging of cells, particularly skin cells.

Dragon fruit is almost 90 percent water, which helps aging women keep their good figure, and moisturizes our bodies to reduce dry skin.

To reduce fat and beautify the skin with rambutans, either eat their seeds directly, or roast and mix them with other foods to eat.

Here are several different uses for the two fruits:

* Dragon fruit comes in three colors: pink-red skin with white flesh, yellow skin with white flesh, and pink-red skin with red flesh.

- Eating dragon fruit helps balance the other substance in the body and helps decrease toxins and oxidation.

- Fiber, cellulose, and pectin are found in dragon fruit at higher levels than in other fruits. These help harmonize activity in the digestive system.

- The fruit also helps make pimples disappear.

- Dragon fruit helps reduce food cholesterol and salt.

- People who suffer from high blood pressure and constipation should eat dragon fruit.

- People who want to lose weight should eat one 750g dragon fruit a day to fill up and not crave other foods.

- The white flower of the dragon fruit vine can also fortify the lungs and relieve coughs when administered properly.

- Its flower is also used to cure bronchitis and alcohol poisoning. To do so: simmer 30g of fresh flowers with water to drink as a tea or cook 12g of dried flowers with water for drinking.

* Rambutans, which are in season from May to August, have tough, thick and hairy skin and white and tender pulp. Rambutans help strengthen tissue, reinforce the immune system and decrease LDL cholesterol (or bad cholesterol), preventing cardiovascular disease and relieving pain. In addition, its flesh has mangan, kalium, calcium and iron to preclude appendicitis, kidney stones, hemorrhoids and large intestinal cancer. Its leaves, root, stem, skin and seed are used in various pharmaceutical products.

- To treat dysentery, wash ten rambutan skins, cut them into small pieces and put them in a pot. Pour three glasses of water into the pot to boil the mixture until the water has just about one and a half glasses of water. Leave the water cold. Drink twice a day until the dysentery stops.

- To beat diabetes, roast five rambutan seeds, and grind them into powder. Then put them in a glass, pour boiled water in the glass and stir. Let the mixture cool and drink twice a day.

- To cure fever, wash 15g of dry rambutan skin, and put them in a pot. Pour three glasses of water over them and boil for 10 minutes. Let the water cool and drink three times a day. Enjoy just one third of the glass of the water each time.

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