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Potatoes can be bought at any market, and they can be cooked in any way. And depending on whether you simmer, fry or boil them, they can be used to treat almost any physical malady as well.

Potatoes are most known for equalizing gastric functions, but they can also stimulate appetite in those suffering from anorexia, cure bad digestion, and help battle constipation.

Here are some ways to improve your health with potatoes:

- To cure ulcers, slice and smash a few potato skins. Plash the smashed skins in a cloth and wring to release the juice into a glass. Add a little bit of honey and mix. Enjoy the mixture two coffee spoons every time you drink it.

You can juice the potato's flesh and boil the liquid over a high flame. Once it is boiling, lower the flame until the juice condenses. Add honey at a ratio of two coffee spoons of honey to one coffee spoon of juice. Stir them together and boil them until the water thickens. Drink two coffee spoons of the remedy twice a day. Use the medicine for twenty days without eating any chilies, onions, vinegar or alcohol. After the ulcer stops, continue to drink the concoction every once and a while.

- To treat gastric disorders, grind 100g of potato, 10g of ginger and a deseeded tangerine. Mix together and place in a piece of cloth and squeeze to come up with a juice solution. Drink one spoon of the tonic before each meal.

- For better digestion, grill two potatoes over charcoal and eat immediately after removing their skin, while they are still hot.

- To get rid of boils, wash one potato with water, cut into medium slices and pound them. Apply the potato to diseased skin areas, then use bandage to cover those areas. Remember to replace the potato and bandage twice a day.

- To treat scalds and burns, grind and juice a potato, then apply the liquid burned areas.

- To stop constipation, drink one bowl of potato juice before each meal three times a day.

Do not eat any potato that has a sprout in it and throw away any green or violet sections of a potato before cooking.

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