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Backache is one of the most common complaints among adults all over the world. Herbalists Huynh Van Quang and Nhu Ta suggest some home remedies to get rid of crippling back pain.

- Lá lốt (piper lolot) leaf and beef: Rinse and cut 100g of beef into thin slices. Rub spices on the meat and sear it in a frying pan. Toss in 100g of lá lốt leaves, stir for a minute, sprinkle sugar and salt to taste.

The beef in this dish nourishes the blood. Pungent and warm, it can soothe piercing pain in the bones. It also reduces perspiration that may accompany severe back pain.

- Nhàu (noni), a popular fruit, is good for sore or tired backs. Eat it with salt or drink its juice. Ripe noni has a pungent odour and might take some getting used to.

- Dâu tm (mulberry) is also recommended for backache. Soak mulberries in white rice alcohol for a month to make a natural pain-reliever. Drink 100ml of the liquid every day while back pain persists.

- Pig's kidney and herbs: Wash and clean 50g of pig's kidney, 40g of Ä‘á»— trng (eucommia or du zhong; scientific name Eucommia ulmoides), 30g of tc Ä‘on (Japanese teasel, or Dipsacus japonicus Miq), and 20g of black beans. Simmer all ingredients together in water until the meat is tender. Add sugar and salt to taste.

- Pork bone with Ä‘á»— trng (see above): Wash 200g of pig's spine and chop into medium-sized pieces. Simmer it with 30g of Ä‘á»— trng and a handful of black beans in water for an hour until the beans soften. Add sugar and salt to taste.

 - Mồng tơi (Malabar spinach, Phooi leaf or Basella alba) and pig's trotters are recommended for back pain caused by rheumatism. Simmer pig's trotters in water with a little alcohol, sugar and salt for about an hour, or until the trotters become soft. Add the Malabar spinach and serve.

- Pig's tail and herbs: Wash one pig's tail, chop into medium pieces, and boil in water with 20g black beans, 50g of Ä‘á»— trng and 50g of tc Ä‘on (see above) until the meat is cooked through. Add sugar and salt to taste. Remember to drink the broth.

- Cá rô (anabas, or climbing perch): Clean and wash freshwater fish, simmer in water with pig's marrow and rice until the pot's contents become the consistency of porridge. Add sugar and salt to taste. This dish is good to relieve back pain caused by weak kidneys.

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