Baby found in bag, alive, after alleged kidnapping at hospital

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Police in the northern province of Thai Binh are investigating a case in which a newborn was allegedly kidnapped from a maternity ward and then found alive in a travel bag at the same hospital a couple of hours later.

Duong Xuan Bac, who was born on August 23 at theThai Binh Obstetrics Hospital, was returned to his mother, Vu Thi Nga, on Tuesday after DNA tests concluded that they were blood related, police said.

Nga, 36, said a nurse came to her room to take Bac for a bath at 7.30 a.m. on Sunday, but at first she refused the offer, saying that he had a bath the day before.

A man waiting outside then urged her to let the child be taken for a bath, so Nga's mother carried him to the bathroom, according to the woman.


However, on her way to the bathroom, another nurse told Nga's mother that she would take him to the bathroom and return him to the room later.

"But I waited forever and no one came back with the baby," Nga said.

The hospital then informed police, and at around 3 p.m. a patient found a travel bag with Bac inside it in an elevator.

According to police, Bac's health was still good.

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