Antifungal drug under fire

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Vietnam's Health Ministry on Wednesday asked doctors to use caution in prescribing the antifungal tablets Nizoral, after French health authorities banned the sale of the drug.

On June 8, the French Agency for the Safety of Medical Products AFSSAPS banned the sale of Nizoral tablets, which are manufactured by the pharmaceutical group Janssen-Cilag, a unit of US Johnson & Johnson. Nizoral was found to be toxic for the liver when taken orally.

The Vietnamese health ministry asked the Drug Administration of Vietnam (DAV) to keep a close watch on the side-effects of Nizoral tablets.

The ministry said it will immediately order a recall of Nizoral tablets if their side effects are detected.

In Vietnam, Nizoral tablets produced in Belgium are available on the market.

Nizoral tablets contain the active ingredient ketoconazole, which is prescribed to treat fungal and yeast infections.

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