A proper nutrition combats effectively diabetes and protects those at risks

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Most people know that diabetes can lead to serious complications like heart disease, acute renal failure, blindness and death, but less of them are aware the disease currently affects nearly 350 million people worldwide (the International Diabetes Federation - IDF).

In conjunction with this year's World Diabetes Day WDD November 14, Glucerna brand (Abbott, USA) is partnering with Vietnam Nutrition Association (VINUTAS) to organize a diabetic patient support group called Glu-Control 24 Club, a gathering point for pre-diabetics, diabetics and their families to learn more about the disease and have a better understanding of risk factors, complications and management methods.

Alarming facts about the chronic disease

The IDF estimates that current diabetes rate will increase by 50% by 2030. Among serious health conditions, diabetes is one of the major causes of premature death in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, approximately 4.5 million diabetics have never been properly diagnosed or treated, according to the National Hospital of Endocrinology. Moreover, there is a high prevalence of diabetes in Vietnam's population (5%), especially in urban areas (7.2%).

There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes, of which Type 2 diabetes is the most widespread form, and is rapidly escalating. Until recently, type 2 diabetes is not only seen at adults and the elderly, but is now becoming increasingly common among juvenescence and young adults. Notably, one important phase people should be aware is pre-diabetes, which can deteriorate into diabetes. It is estimated that as many as 70 percent of individuals with pre-diabetes will develop to diabetes.

Despite the gloomy prospective of the disease, there is hope as medical nutrition therapy has been proven to help both pre-diabetics and diabetics achieve better management of their condition. The good news is diabetes and pre-diabetes can be easy to control and even reversed provided proper diet plans and physical exercises. Once have such right tools, they can effectively manage their condition in the three key areas of blood sugar levels, weight and cholesterol level.

Glu 24 control a helpful gathering point for pre-diabetics and diabetics

On 4th Nov 2012 in HCMC, Glu-Control 24 Club saw the attendance of over 3,000 diabetics, pre-diabetics and their familes. Patients had a chance to screen blood pressure, blood glucose test (to know GI rate), receive advice for diabetes management and nutrition from physicians and experience Glucerna products at sampling corner. During the symposium Health Care Professionals and Endocrinologists explain risk factors, early symptoms and complications of diabetes and effective management methods.

Highlighting the important roles of nutrition in diabetes and pre-diabetes management, Dr. Tu Ngu, VINUTAS Vice Chairman cum General Secretary said "Currently pre-diabetics draws more attention from Vietnamese people than before when people were only concerned once they acquired the disease. The important thing is how to manage pre-diabetes before it develops into diabetes. Here the core advice lies in the important roles of nutrition. Patients or those at risks of diabetes should regularly check their GI (glucaemic index) when either full or hungry. Pre-diabetics or diabetics should have a healthy life, balancing between a proper nutritional scheme and physical exercises, and avoiding stress or depression."

Nutrition specifically eating right and maintaining a healthy weight was highlighted as an important part of an overall diabetes management plan. A lifestyle management approach with medical nutrition therapy plays a key role in preventing diabetes, managing existing diabetes, preventing and slowing the onset of diabetes-related complications

Dr Tu Ngu added that apart from home-made food, patients can use specialized food designed for diabetics and pre-diabetics to help them effectively control GI and avoid complications. Glucerna Triple Care is the number 1 clinical nutrition recommended by America's doctors for pre- and diabetics as it provides a unique combination helping patients manage their blood sugar levels, support heart health and weight management, as part of an overall diabetes management plan.

In the spirit of WDD November 14, Abbott and VINUTAS will host a series of free public education events in HCMC and Ha Noi where physicians and medical experts will give knowledge and advice of the disease, creating a space where the community gathers and stands against diabetes.

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