7-cm blade removed from man's arm 4 months after being stabbed

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A hospital in the central province of Quang Binh said Monday its doctors successfully removed a knife blade which had been embedded in a man's arm for four months, newswire Dan Tri reported.


According to the Vietnam-Cuba Dong Hoi Friendship Hospital, T.B.N., 22, arrived at the hospital with a swollen, festering arm.


X-rays revealed the blade of a knife in his arm.


Doctors performed a surgery and successfully removed the 7-centimeter-long blade.


N. said he had been stabbed in the arm four months ago but he only received stitches for the wound when he went to a commune health clinic.


The doctors said N. was lucky to have not lost the use of his arm, as the blade had been deeply entrenched in the bone.

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