65-year-old woman dies of heatstroke in central Vietnam

TN News

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A 65-year-old woman in central Vietnam has died of heatstroke, local authorities said Friday.


Pham Thi Quy from Thanh Ha Commune, Nghe An Province, collapsed when she was tending buffalos in the field, and was found dead by her family, authorities said.


Heatstroke results from prolonged exposure to high temperatures. Symptoms include high fever, headaches, hot dry skin, exhaustion and sometimes, physical collapse and coma. The condition can be fatal if not treated in time.


Over the past two days temperatures in Nghe An have soared to between 39.3-40.4 Celsius degrees.


Hot weather with temperatures up to 40 Celsius degrees has also hit  many other cities and provinces like Hue and Quang Tri.

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