60 poisoned after eating buffalo killed by snake venom

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Sixty people in a northern Vietnamese province fell ill Monday after eating a buffalo that was killed by a venomous snake, Dan Tri reported Wednesday.

According to the news website, provincial health agencies are treating the sick and taking samples to identify the cause of the poisoning in Ha Giang Province's Quang Binh District.

Doctors believed the venom of a snake that had bit and killed the buffalo had been absorbed into the animal's flesh and was still present after cooking, thus the poisoning.

The Quang Bing health center reported that the buffalo belonged to a family in Ban Ria Village.

Around 90 people joined the buffalo meat feast on Monday, but soon after, 60 of them reported stomachaches, headaches and dizziness.

Most of them recovered after receiving medication at the local health clinic, while some were hospitalized.

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