50 children hospitalized after HFMD 'medication shock'

TN News

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Over 50 children were hospitalized in the southern province of Binh Duong Friday on suspicion of experiencing shock when their their sores were cleaned with Cloramin B at a local nursery school.


Parents of the children studying at the Hoa Binh Nursery School in Thuan An Town said they didn't know about the kids' hospitalization until they came to pick them up at around 5 p.m. that day.


At first the school's leaders said the children were undergoing health checks at  the Thuan An Hospital, a parent told Thanh Nien.


After waiting for a long time for the children to return, the parents went to the hospital where they found the children receiving treatment.


"Doctors told me that the children had medication shocks," said Nguyen Van Buong, father of a three-year-old girl.


Some parents said they were told around 50 students of between two and three years old had shown similar symptoms after taking medication for HFMD at the school in the afternoon.


While the children are said to have recovered, none of them have been discharged. Neither hospital staff nor officials from the Binh Duong Department of Health have made any official comment on what has happened.


A viral infection disease that commonly afflicts infants and children, HFMD has hit the nation hard this year. The southern region is the hardest hit with around 20,000 cases, including 56 fatalities, recorded this year.


There is no specific treatment or vaccine for the viral disease that is usually allowed to run its course. Only severe symptoms are treated and analgesics are given for fever and pain.


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