13-year-old dies from hand, foot and mouth disease

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A 13-year-old boy died from hand, foot and mouth disease last weekend, becoming the 12th HFMD fatality in Ho Chi Minh City this year.

The boy fell sick several days prior to his death and was admitted to hospital when his conditions worsened, according to HCMC Children's Hospital 2.

His parents thought he just caught the normal flu and it was rather late when they brought him to hospital. The boy had serious complications, which led to his death.

He is a rare case because the HFMD usually attacks children under five, doctors said.

Doctor Nguyen Dac Tho of HCMC Preventive Health Center said parents should beware if their children had fever lasting more than two days.

"Even when the children are aged more than five, they should be taken to hospital for examination and treatment," Tho said.

The city has reported more than 3,000 HFMD cases, including 12 fatalities, this year.

In May alone, a record 1,433 cases were reported.

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