World Bank calls for innovation to fight climate change

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Climate change is this year’s topic for the World Bank’s Vietnam Innovation Day, which provides a forum for innovative ideas from the community to address challenges and issues facing the country.

Launched Tuesday, Vietnam Innovation Day seeks to encourage the country to take the fight against the effects of climate change to the grassroots level.

This year some 20 innovations will receive funding of up to US$15,000 to enable their implementation.

Peter Hansen, the Danish Ambassador to Vietnam, said the theme is particularly relevant this year, considering climate change tops almost every country’s agenda and that the recent UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen did not meet the world’s “high expectations.”

He urged people in the country to take the issue seriously since the battle against climate change cannot be fought by the government alone and action at the community level can create pressure on the authorities to address climate change-related issues.

Fiona Lappin, head of the UK’s Department for International Development, said Vietnam is one of the few countries to already come up with a national framework to deal with climate-change effects.

But she called for more practical solutions to assist vulnerable members of the community like farmers, to deal with adverse weather effects.

Since its inception in 2003, Vietnam Innovation Day has received more than 1,000 applications. Around $1.9 million worth of grants have been awarded so far to 199 projects.

Reported by Huong Le

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