Wicked game: video shows teacher giving girl a pat-down

Thanh Nien News

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An army sublieutenant has admitted to being “inappropriate” after a video clip was posted online showing him, blindfolded, touching all over a female student to find clothespins attached to her clothes.
The clip was a recorded during a military education class at Ba Ria-Vung Tau University in the eponymous province in southern Vietnam. Military training for undergraduates is compulsory in the country.
The trainer, identified only as Trinh Ngoc H., said they were playing a game, in which he was blindfolded and had to find and remove all the clothespins attached to her clothes in two minutes.
He said he regretted playing the game, which he said took place on Tuesday after the class was over.
“The game was not appropriate for a teacher to play with his students. I had not imagined the consequences.”
He claimed to have asked the students not to film the game. But apparently one of them refused to give the fun a pass.

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