VietnamNet newswire hacked again

TN News

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The VietnamNet news website was hacked for the second time in two weeks Monday. Suspicions have arisen that it could have been an employee that was responsible.

The incident happened early in the day when the hacker posted his/her story of the hacking on the homepage alongside links to the website's source code, data, internal reports and business contracts.

Bui Binh Minh, an IT assistant to the news site's editor-in-chief, told the media that this information was removed from the website by 9:30 a.m. on the same day.

He said the hacker had obtained password of a VietnamNet employee who is assigned to post stories.

"The attack has offered more information for identifying the hacker. Current evidence confirms that the hacker was a Vietnamese," he said.

The website had been attacked on November 22 earlier and the hacker(s) had removed data from the server.

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