Vietnamese surname fourth most common worldwide

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"Nguyá»…n," a popular Vietnamese surname, is the fourth most common name in the world, according to a new list recently published.

A new report on The World Geography counted more than 36 million people sharing the surname.

Nguyá»…n, the surname of the last ruling family in Vietnam, is the most common Vietnamese family name with around 40 percent of people in the country sharing it, the report said.

The prevalence extends as many Vietnamese have emigrated.

Nguyá»…n is the 7th most common family name in Australia, and the 54th most common in France.

In the United States, it is the 57th most common family name according to the 2000 Census, as well as the most common exclusively Asian surname.

The report listed Zhang and Li/Lee as the most common surnames worldwide, each named for more than 100 million people. Zhang is among the most common Chinese surnames used around 4,000 years ago, while Li/Lee both use the same Chinese character but Li is a widespread surname in China while Lee the second most common South Korean surname, after Kim.

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Wang, another popular Chinese family name which literally means "king" or "monarch", ranks third as shared by more than 93 million people.

Other popular names include García meaning "the young" and González, two Spanish surnames each used by more than 10 million people; Hernández, which means "son of Hernán," a Spanish and Portuguese surname of more than 8 million people including the 2011 Grammy nominated Bruno Mars.

Smith, originating in England and now used by more than 4 million people, also makes the list with Smirnov, the most common surname in Russia used by more than 2.5 million people, which is derived from an adjective meaning "quiet, gentle, still, meek"; and Müller meaning "miller" as a profession, a German surname used by more than a million people.

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