Vietnamese submarine presented to public in trial launch

By Hoang Long, Thanh Nien News

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Thousands of people from Thai Binh Province  witnessed on Friday the successful trial run of a mini submarine built by a local company.
The submarine of nearly ten tons was pulled and lifted by a crane with a capacity of 50 tons out of Quoc Hoa mechanics company at around 8 a.m. It was then carried to the testing site at a local lake around three kilometers away.
Curious lookers caused traffic jams around the factory.
Nguyen Quoc Hoa, head of the company and owner of the submarine, stepped in before its engine was started.
It sailed around the lake, making turns and moving up and backward, for nearly one hour, but did not submerge.
The submarine, which is named Truong Sa after Vietnam’s archipelago in the East Sea, was brought back to the company 3 p.m.
Hoa said after the trial that the submarine proved its navigation capabilities.
“I will adjust and perfect several details before taking it to another trial sail in a larger area if authorities allow it,” he said.
The submarine of 8.8 meters long, three meters high and 2.8 meters at the widest part was built at the company last year.
Its surfaced weight is nine tons and submerged 12 tons. It is designed for a speed of 20 sea miles an hour, and for submerging to the depth of 50 meters.
Hoa is still awaiting a license from the police and science and technology departments to operate in Thai Binh waters.
But he said he is confident, given successful trial sails so far. The submarine had been tried seven times, sinking and floating up, in a tank built by the company with the participation of leaders from the Military Ship Design Institute at the defense ministry.


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