Vietnamese scientists say animal cloning success nears

By My Quyen, Thanh Nien News

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A team of Vietnamese scientists has announced that their state-funded animal cloning project has discovered a technology with a high success rate, saying the first cloned calf will likely be born within the next two years. 
Calling the project a breakthrough achievement, Dr. Nguyen Van Thuan said his team has proved that Vietnamese scientists are on par with their peers in more advanced countries. 
The cloning program at Ho Chi Minh City International University, funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, will allow Vietnam to break into the field of organ cloning for medical purposes. 
Thuan said in the process, eggs from a newly killed Vietnamese female cow are collected before the nuclei are removed. Cells from an Australian cow will then be implanted. Eventually the embryos will be cultivated into a surrogate cow.
He said his group has discovered a technology that allows seven-eight calves to be successfully born from 100 tries.
It is much higher than the success rate of 2 percent in many other countries, he said, without elaborating.

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