Vietnamese scientist introduces water-powered generator

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A Vietnamese scientist and his colleagues in Ho Chi Minh City have introduced a generator powered by water with the application of nanotechnology.

The generator,which is said to be a first in Vietnam, if not the world, was introduced by Dr. Nguyen Chanh Khe, deputy director of the Research and Development Center, at the Saigon Hi-tech Park, and his group on Saturday.

According to Khe, the main principle for the generator's operation relies on a nano-catalyst, but very few scientists have managed to create an effective nano-catalyst that has high electrochemical stability.

Since the generator only releases water or vapors, it does not pollute the environment and cause noises, he said, adding that various kinds of water can be used to run it, including water, sea water and rainwater.

The generator has a life expectancy of between five and six years, and it can be recycled by having its compartments replaced, he added.

Khe said the generator will be introduced to the market this June and can be bought from 512 agents across the country.

A 2,000W-generator will be priced at VND32 million (US$1,500), while those of 300W will be sold at VND6-8 million ($285-380), which is cheaper than normal generators.

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