Vietnamese professor awarded for Austrialin defense research

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A group of scientists led by Vietnamese Professor Vo Ba Ngu have won Australia's Eureka Prize 2010 for their innovations in the field of national security.


On Wednesday, the professor accepted 10,000 AUD (US$8,960) from the Australian Ministry of Defense on behalf of a research team from the School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering at the University of Western Australia.


Professor Robert Clark, Australia's chief defense scientist, said the team includes Vietnamese professor Vo Ba Tuong has developed new algorithmic methods for tracking multiple objects of interest, using less demanding computing power than traditional tracking methods.


"I congratulate Dr Ba-Ngu Vo and his colleagues for this outstanding development. It has the potential to contribute significantly to Australia's defense and national security, by making more tractable the challenges of detecting the large numbers of objects that modern sensors may typically detect," Clark was quoted in an Australia's Defense Department press release as saying Wednesday.


Clark said the invention, which was honored as "Outstanding Science in support of Defense or National Security," would bring many benefits, like an increased capacity for identifying objects at longer ranges, in hazardous urban environments and for the protection of ships, aircraft and vehicles.


The invention will also prove useful in civilian applications such as traffic management, sports analysis and biomedical research, he said.


It was sponsored by the Defense Science and Technology Organization of the Defense Department.

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