Vietnamese online communities need guidance: youth federation leaders

TN News

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Vietnam should establish a network of people who have influence and are able to connect online communities to gather and guide voluntary youth groups, says Nguyen Quang Thong, vice chairman of the Vietnam Youth Federatio, said.

Thong, also editor-in-chief of Thanh Nien newspaper, made the proposal at a meeting of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation held in Hanoi Wednesday.

According to Thong, about 28.5 million people, accounting for 32 percent of Vietnam population, are members of various online groups.

It is estimated that the number will increase five percent over the next two years, he said, adding that young people will account for most of them.

Nguyen Phuoc Loc, chairman of the federation, said at the meeting that detailed surveys on voluntary youth groups were needed.

The groups are also in need of a common coordination effort via agencies like the center for information of voluntary resources and the center for welfare work, he said.

Loc suggested establishing an online network of coordinators to keep watch of and guide the operations of voluntary groups.

He praised Thanh Nien's recently launched program Dong hanh voi ngu dan tre ra khoi (Accompanying young fishermen to go out to sea), which aims to provide financial, medical and educational support to fishermen and their families.

The chairman called for all provinces to consider launching the program.

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