Vietnamese man hands over endangered monkey

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Forest rangers in the Central Highlands province of Gia Lai recently received a grey-shanked douc langur from the black market.

The rangers said Wednesday that they had transferred the monkey (1.5 months old and 0.8 kilograms) to the Rescue and Conservation Center at Kon Ka Kinh national park in the province.

They received the animal from Le Phan Anh, who bought it from another person. Anh said he bought it to hand it over to the authorities because he knows the animal is an endangered species.

The grey-shanked douc langur is endemic to Vietnam. Official data showed that there are several hundreds of them in the mountainous areas of central Vietnam, including at the national park.

It is listed on the International Union of Conservation of Nature Red List as critically endangered and is protected from all commercial use in Vietnam.

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