Vietnamese biogas project wins UK energy award

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A Vietnamese biogas project transforming organic waste into clean energy was honored by the Ashden Awards for Sustainable Energy in the UK Thursday.


One of the event's six winners, the biogas project was awarded £20,000 at the awards ceremony held at the Royal Geographical Society's headquarters in London.


Launched in 2003 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV), the project has built over 78,000 biogas plants in over 40 provinces and cities.


The plants have benefited more than 390,000 people, and helped decrease carbon dioxide emission by some 167,000 tons per year.


The project aims to set up 168,000 biogas plants across rural areas in Vietnam by 2012, helping local people treat wastes, lessen pollution, and make use of the new energy source.


Founded in 2001, the Ashden Awards targets sustainable energy solutions in the UK and other countries, promoting sustainable energy to tackle climate change and improve the quality people's lives.

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