Vietnam tests unmanned aerial vehicles

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A model of one of the five unmanned aerial vehicles made by the Vietnam Space Technology Institute. Photo: VAST 

Scientists at the Vietnam Space Technology Institute successfully launched the country's first three unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) from Hanoi's Hoa Lac Airbase on May 3.

They are among five made by the institute under a research project begun in 2008.

AV.UAV.MS1 and AV.UAV.S1 to S4. are designed to fly under a preset program and are equipped with cameras that can record images both during day and night besides some other scientific research equipment, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Depending on the model, they can take off from various places like a runway, car top, launch base, or simply a human hand.

The biggest, AV.UAV.S4, can fly 100 kilometers and to an altitude of 3,000 meters at 180 kilometers per hour.

It is 4.2 meters long and weighs 170 kg.

The project's lead scientist, Pham Ngoc Lang, said the launched UAVs have met all design specifications.

He said his team would continue to research and fabricate UAVs that can fly greater heights and ranges.

The Vietnam Space Technology Institute plans to mass produce the UAVs for research and other purposes.

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