Vietnam teen commits suicide after 'friends' post doctored photo online

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An 18-year-old girl in Hanoi has killed herself with a weed-killer after her classmates allegedly doctored a photograph of hers to make her look "improperly" attired and posted it online.  

Police in Huong Ngai Commune, Thach That District, are investigating the death of the girl, identified only as N.T.T.L.

The girl died on July 1, four days after she drank the pesticide.

While she was being treated at the hospital, L, wrote a note, saying that one of her classmates named Hai had stolen her photo and merged it with another "improper" photo.

She said she had demanded that Hai delete the doctored photo, but he had refused, and threatened to post it on the Facebook page of boys in their class.

Later, another boy named Dao posted the photo on the page.

According to L., the more she objected to the post, the more her friends teased her.

Even when she threatened to kill herself, they told her to die so they could throw a party, L. wrote.

L.'s family said her photo had been merged with a girl who wore clothes with "a wide neck."

In an interview with online newspaper VietNamNet, L.'s mother, Loan, said that her daughter had told her about the photo once before trying to commit suicide. 

Her daughter was so ashamed of it that she cried while telling the story, Loan said, adding that she had then called one of the boys to ask him to remove the photo. Loan told him she would also complain directly to his parents.

But L. said that she did not want her mother to interfere and that that she would solve the problem on her own.

Loan said that since her daughter went to school normally, she thought that the problem had been solved until she found L. vomiting early in the morning on June 27.

She had drunk one-third of a bottler of weed-killer, was found nearby, the mother said.

L. was rushed to the hospital, but efforts to save her life proved to be in vain. 

L.'s family has lodged a complaint with local police, asking them to investigate her death. They said they were enraged by the attitude and behavior of involved students

As L. was dying they had asked the students to come and apologize to her so she could rest in peace, but no one showed up.

Speaking to Thanh Nien on the phone, Col. Nguyen Nhu Vien, chief of Thach That District's police division, said they have collected evidence and questioned involved students.

But they could not reveal more information because it was a "sensitive case," Vien said.

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