Vietnam seeks to learn space impacts on flower seeds

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Vietnam has recently sent up three kinds of flower seeds in a Japanese rocket to study any physiological changes they undergo in space, the VnExpress website reports.

The seeds will be returned to earth two months later, expectedly April, the newssource quoted Duong Tan Nhut, deputy chief of the Central Highlands Institute of Biology, as saying.

Nhut said the seeds were Vietnamese varieties:  Garden Balsam (Impatiens balsamia L,Balsaminaceae),  Garden Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus L,Scrophulariaceae), and xo do (Salvia splendens Ker.-Gawl, Laminaceae).

They are all short-day species, so they are subject to recognizable changes when interacting with environment, he added.

This experiment is part of the Space Seeds for Asian Future 2010-2011 program, initiated by  the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in cooperation with the institute and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency.

Besides the study, the program also includes the promotion of space applications of the Japanese experiment module named Kibo, which is part of the International Space Station among students, giving them new perspectives on space, VnExpress said.

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