Vietnam remains low in global talent competitiveness rankings

Thanh Nien News

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Vietnam has dropped several places in the annual Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI), which ranks more than 100 countries based on their ability to attract, grow and retain talent.
The GTCI 2015-16, published by French business school INSEAD with Swiss human resources firm Adecco and Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute, placed Vietnam 82nd among 109 countries.
In the previous year Vietnam had ranked 75th out of 93 countries.
Vietnam’s performance is worse than other Southeast Asian countries with Singapore ranking second globally, Malaysia 30th, the Philippines 56th, and Thailand 69th.
Singapore has remained top in the Asia-Pacific for the third consecutive year. Globally, the top three countries have remained the same, with Switzerland first and Luxembourg third.
The top three countries in the Asia Pacific - Singapore, New Zealand and Australia - have all shown openness in their economies to attract talent, the study showed.
Ilian Mihov, dean of Insead, said: "This year's theme of international mobility and talent attraction is of high relevance to the Asia Pacific. Asian countries are historically seen as talent exporters; however, this year's report highlights the increasing trend of talent relocating to this part of the world, including a key finding that jobs are moving to where talent is, such as China, South Korea, the Philippines and Vietnam."

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