Vietnam most vulnerable to malware in Southeast Asia: study

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Microsoft said February 27 that Vietnam topped Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand for the numbers of disks and hard drives infected by malware, ICTnews reported on the same day.

Malware or malicious software, written in the form of code or script, is created to intentionally threaten computers' security or damage their operation systems.

According to the Computer Security Study, 92 percent of 41 sampled hard drives and 66 percent of nine pirated DVDs bought from resellers in Vietnam were hit by those malicious codes.

Meanwhile, the sample from the Philippines showed the lowest rate of malware with 42 percent or every two out of five computers and DVDs suffer from infection, according to BBC Vietnamese.

The study conducted in January on 282 set-up software disks and hard drives of computers with Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo and Samsung brands in the five surveyed countries found roughly 70 percent of them contained malware.

The results showed that the ratio of infection is six percentage points higher compared to that in the study announced last December on 118 samples, according to Microsoft.

It said many branded computers are infected before they are sold, citing the reasons that the hard drives have been swapped by some computer shops for cheaper or lower quality products containing non-copyrighted and infected operating systems or applications to earn profits.

Microsoft said in its February 27 report that one-third of sampled hard drives had been substituted. In Vietnam only, the number of substitution made up half of the sample chosen in the country.

Vu Ngoc Hoan, head of the Copyright Office of Vietnam under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, was quoted by Vietnamnet as saying that customers should buy computers at big and reliable shops to make sure that their hard drives are sound.

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