Vietnam microsatellite launched from Japan

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A Vietnamese imaging and communications microsatellite was launched into space Sunday where it will dock with the International Space Station this week.

Pico Dragon was launched aboard Japan's Konotori 4 along with three US microsatellites from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

Pico Dragon is expected to dock at the ISS on August 9 and stay there for two or three months before being put into orbit.

It will capture images of the Earth, collect environmental data, and conduct communications experiments using amateur radio devices.

The microsatellite, measuring just around 10 centimeters across and weighing one kilogram, was made by the Vietnam National Satellite Center.

On May 7 Vietnam's first remote sensing satellite, the 115-kg VNREDSat-1, which cost $75.5 million to build, was launched from the Kourou space station in French Guiana in South America.

Vietnam has also launched two communications satellites, Vinasat-1 and Vinasat-2, since 2008.

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