Vietnam langurs losing homes, life to cement industry

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The endangered Indochina lutung in southern Vietnam is losing its limestone mountain homes to the cement industry, experts said in a Vietnam News Agency report Saturday.


Dr. Nguyen Xuan Niem, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Kien Giang Province, that includes Phu Quoc resort, said a community of the silver langurs in the province "are losing their homes."


Niem said the excavation for raw material for cement production in the province is continuing to destroy the mountain homes of the langurs, which are listed in Vietnam Red Book as "extremely threatened."


Local authorities are working on a plan to move a herd of 78 Indochina lutung, which were discovered in 2009, from Khoe La mountain as it falls under the excavation plans of Holcim Vietnam.


One solution being considered is to move the langurs to Hon Chong mountain within the Kien Giang Biosphere, which was recognized by UNESCO in 2006.


A study on the vegetational cover of Hon Chong will be conducted to assess how easy it would be for the langurs to adapt to its new home.


In 2007, local scientists discovered 23 other members of the species at Bai Voi mountain.



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The province authorities at that time asked people from Holcim Vietnam to spare 15 hectares of the mountain.


But the explosions for excavating areas around those hectares are badly affecting the life of the animals under threat of extinction.


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