Vietnam fishermen's rashes caused by harmless moths

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Itchy rashes suffered by fishermen off Vietnam's central coast two weeks ago were caused by harmless moths, a doctor has said.

Hundreds of fishermen from Quang Nam Province have been worried over the past two weeks as the red rashes, which they believed were caused by butterflies, continued to itch.

Doctor Vu Van Lien from the Vietnam National Museum of Nature said the fishermen had been attacked by "night butterflies," that is, a kind of moth.

"Night butterflies love light and they gather at boats' electric lights.

"Those attacking the fishermen were not harmful," Lien told news website VnExpress in a Thursday report.

The fishermen had collected samples of the moths from two different species.

He said the moths' tiny scales had caused skin allergies in the fishermen.


Vietnam's rash-causing moths could be evolving

Earlier, Phan Thi Thanh Diem, a biology teacher at Quang Nam University, said the tiny scales were especially itchy as the moths might have adapted to environmental changes.

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