Vietnam boasts nearly 31 million Internet users: report

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With almost 31 million Internet users, Vietnam's social, digital and mobile landscape is evolving at an "astonishing rate," said We Are Social, a global independent social media agency, in its latest report.

This year alone the country has recorded 1.59 new Internet users, or five percent more than the figure compiled by the agency last December, according to a report published on the website earlier this week.

Vietnam's Internet population currently ranks 18th in the world, it said, adding that the local Internet penetration is around 34 percent as compared to the global average of 33 percent.

It also noted that 62 percent of netizens in Vietnam access the Internet via mobile devices. Moreover, 35 percent of the mobile users use mobile apps, and 32 percent of them make online purchases via their phones.

Although feature phones still dominate Vietnam's mobile landscape, smartphone use is "definitely on the rise," said Simon Kemp, managing director of the We Are Social office in Singapore. As of August, smartphone penetration in the country was 16 percent.

Kemp noted that "the most dramatic change" in Vietnam's digital landscape was that the number of local Facebook users had increased by almost 200 percent from just 2.9 million one year ago.

Other "impressive" figures from SocialBakers a Facebook marketing developer are that the network's user base in the country has grown by 500,000 in the past weeks alone, or every three seconds a person in Vietnam joins Facebook, Kemp said.

With more than 8.5 million users in Vietnam, Facebook has overthrown Zing, a famous local network, to become the top social network in Vietnam.

However, Kemp said Facebook's top position was arguable, because the latest official user number for Zing, 8.2 million, were a few months old.

As part of We Are Social's regional Social, Digital and Mobile in Asia report, the Vietnam report also compiled other facts about the Internet and telecommunication in the country:

  • 73 percent of Vietnam's Internet users are under 35.
  • 66 percent of Vietnamese netizens use the web every day. They spend an average of 29 hours on the Internet each month.
  • 75 percent of Vietnamese households have a desktop computer.
  • 95 percent of Vietnam's netizens visit online news sites; 90 percent watch online video, as compared to the Asian average of 69 percent; 79 percent visit online retail sites, and 61 percent make online purchases.
  • 86 percent of local netizens visit social networking sites.
  • 24 percent have a Youtube account
  • 9 percent have used Twitter in the past month
  • 2.1 billion adverts are served to mobile devices in Vietnam every month.

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