Two students stabbed, hospitalized in southern school violence

TN News

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An eleventh grader in Ho Chi Minh City was rushed to hospital Wednesday with severe knife injuries inflicted my young men while on his way home.


Doctors said Nguyen Ngoc Sang, 16, has a gash ten centimeters long on his back and one that had cut a vein on his finger that needs surgery.


Sang said a man sitting on the back of a motorbike had attacked him with a knife around one meter long.


His family said the boy'd had a conflict with a twelveth grader from his school during a football match over the weekend but it was resolved by the teachers.


A similar case happened to an eighth grader in Binh Duong Province Monday. She was stabbed by a former senior, possibly because of a previous conflict.


Tran Nhu Huynh, 14, was admitted to Binh Duong General Hospital with severe injuries and blood all over her uniform.


Huynh said her former schoolmate, only referred to as Tham, stopped her on the street and threatened her. Huynh tried to seek refuge in a shop but Tham managed to stab her in the back before she could enter it.


Tham left immediately while local residents rushed Huynh to hospital.


The victim said Tham, then an eleventh grader at Duc Tri school, had beaten her once about half a month earlier, for which the school had dismissed her.


Tham has been attending a private school since.


Huynh's class finished earlier than usual on Monday but her mother was busy so she asked a friend for a lift home on a bicyle. She was attacked after stepping down from the bike and was trying to run away.


Police are investigating the cases further.


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