Two provincial educators in Vietnam dismissed for shaking down test takers

By Ai Chau, Thanh Nien News

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A list that names 40 examinees who pay a total of VND 1 billion "failing-proof" money. Photo: Ai Chau A list that names 40 examinees who pay a total of VND 1 billion "failing-proof" money. Photo: Ai Chau
Two senior officials of a center for continuing education in northern Vietnam have been dismissed for accepting a total of VND 1 billion (US$50,000) in bribes from 40 test-takers - some of whom they failed.
According to a decision signed by the center's Director Dao Phan Thang on Friday, Bui Sy Hong, Head of the Training Managing Department and Hong’s deputy Le Trong Son were dismissed from their duties for “violating code of ethics and official regulations, and damaging the center’s prestige”.
Another official from the department, Le Thi Lien, received a strong warning for the same violation.
Thanh Hoa Police summoned the trio for taking a total of VND1 billion from 40 candidates taking a the Post-Graduate entrance exam.
The test takers had reportedly paid VND28 million ($1,400) each to pass the test.
However, only seven actually passed the examination.
Members of the rest of the group later filed a written complaint with provincial leaders to bring the scandal to the public's attention.
The Thanh Hoa Chairman had asked the center to resolve the scandal before August 30.

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