Total lunar eclipse to be visible from Vietnam

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A total lunar eclipse will be visible from Vietnam on December 10, according to the Vietnam Astronomy and Space Association.

It will be the second of two total lunar eclipses in 2011, the first having occurred on June 15.

Nguyen Duc Phuong, the association's deputy secretary general, said the eclipse will last 51 minutes (from 21:06:16 to 21:57:24 on December 10).

"People can watch the eclipse with binoculars, astronomical telescopes and bare eyes," he said.

According to NASA, the entire event will be visible from Asia and Australia. For North Americans, the eclipse is in progress as the moon sets with western observers favored by a larger fraction of the eclipse before moonset.

Observers throughout Europe and Africa will miss the early eclipse phases because they occur before moonrise. None of the eclipse can be seen from South America or Antarctica.

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