Top 4 prestigious centers for foreigners to learn Vietnamese in Hanoi

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Top 4 prestigious centers for foreigners to learn Vietnamese in Hanoi
The increasing economic cooperation and cultural exchange between Vietnam and other countries in recent years have brought many foreigners over. They all have the demand to study Vietnamese language to communicate with locals and understand local people and culture to succeed in both their work and life here.
But the question is where to learn? What is the professional place that guarantees good results? Here is the list of the four most prestigious centers for foreigners looking to learn Vietnamese in Hanoi.
123VIETNAMESE is one of the first and most successful among centers teaching Vietnamese to foreigners.
The center is staffed with experienced and enthusiastic teachers from the country's leading schools, including Hanoi University of Education, the University of Social Sciences and University, and the University of Languages and International Studies.
Its courses are designed from beginner to advanced levels, and for either day or night study to suit students' situations.
The center is the only of its kind in Vietnam providing a website for online study with adequate and diverse lessons.
Its classrooms are equipped for maximum teaching and learning effects.
Another advantage offered by the center is students can learn from home or their office, saving their time and the burden of travel.
Address: NV1-7, 173 Xuan Thuy, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Hotline: 0084-963229475
Tel: 0084-37959475
2. HACO – Vietnam Translation, Education and Tourism JSC
HACO is a center for foreign students, foreign businesspeople, tourists or overseas Vietnamese coming home to work. It receives individual registrations and also signs group contracts with companies or organizations. It keeps the class small, at between one and five students, to make sure every one receives proper care and instructions. But the center does not provide teachers at one's home or office, so students have to come over, which is quite a problem for busy businesspeople and those not having a personal vehicle.
Address: 1, Alley 68 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum
Nhan Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi
Tel/Fax: 04-35543604/04-35543915
Mobile: 0983820520/0982045522
Tuition: $12 for each 120-minute meeting - $10 for each 90-minute meeting
3. Language Wang
The center started as one teaching Korean to Vietnamese people, but now also teaches Vietnamese to Koreans. The strength and also the weakness of the center is its focus on Korean customers. It does not have much experience working with Chinese, Japanese or English-speaking customers. Students can register for one-member class or for classes with up to five students. Most of the teachers are young Vietnamese students, who are eager to work but do not have much expertise. Facilities at the center are not perfect either, but prices are among the cheapest in Hanoi.
Address: 6, Alley 16 Phan Van Truong, Dich Vong Hau, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Tel: 0989851855
Tuition: Vietnamese language classes in Vietnamese or English: VND210,000/90 minutes
Classes in Koreans: VND230,000 ($10.70)/90 minutes
4. Vietnamese Studies Faculty - Hanoi University of Education
The faculty was established for the main purpose of promoting Vietnamese lifestyle and culture to the world. The Vietnamese here is taught under different academic topics, possibly due to the students' demand. One weak point of the program is it focus too much on theories and not no visual, dynamic methods.
Address: Room 103 - House D3 - 136 Xuan Thuy - Cau Giay - Hanoi
Tel: 04.37549039
Name of class
Size of class
Tuition 1 (during office hours, at school)
Tuition 2 (after office hours, at school) Tuition 3 (at students' home or office) 

Vietnamese A1 (120 meetings)

1 student VND180,000/meeting VND200,000/meeting
 = Tuition 1 plus $5 for travel fee each meeting

Vietnamese A2 (120 meetings)

2-3 students VND110,000/meeting/ student VND130,000/meeting/ student

Vietnamese B (120 meetings)

4-6 students VND85,000/meeting/student VND95,000/meeting/student
7-10 students VND70,000/meeting/student VND80,000/meeting/student
Vietnamese C (120 meetings) From 11 students VND60,000/meeting/student VND70,000/meeting/student
(1 meeting = 50 minutes)

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