Three colleges students walk 1800km with environmental message

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Three college students from the northern city Hai Phong are walking 1,800 kilometers to Ho Chi Minh City, distributing leaflets providing information about saving natural resources.


Tran Thang, Nguyen Hong Thai and Tran Son Tung have tried to walk 50 kilometers in ten hours every day. They started their journey in late June and have reached the central region, news website VietNamNet said in a Tuesday report.


More than 5,000 leaflets designed by the boys have been distributed. They have also gathered more than 500 signatures from people who have pledged to act to protect the environment.


Before the trip, the students practiced walking 15 to 20 kilometers a day and did extra jobs to prepare for a journey they had never been involved in before.


Each of them carries a backpack weighing nearly ten kilograms and they share VND2.5 million (US$121), from which each is allowed to spend no more than VND50,000 a day.


Thang, a senior at Hai Phong Maritime University, said the biggest difficulty they've faced so far is the change in climate.


He said harsh and suffocating sunshine in the central region has badly affected the group's daily activities.


"Walking caused more pain than we had imagined," Thang said.


"Sometimes we had to forgo meals as our legs hurt so much in the middle of nowhere and we couldn't go further."


For three nights, they had to sleep on raincoats in the field because there were no guest houses around and local residents did not offer accommodation.


The group leader said they felt discouraged now and then but they would try their best to the end.


The journey is expected to last 47 day, during which the studneplan to deliver 50,000 leaflets and gather around 20,000 signatures.


Thang said that the journey is to promote the capability of young spirit in persuading people to use natural resources effectively to save the environment.


Every three days of walking, they stopped to make friends with local volunteers and social activists.


Thang said they discovered many things about people in different places they passed.


Many poor people in the central region's Ha Tinh and Quang Binh provinces helped the group a lot, giving them meals, drink and even money for the journey, he said.


The students are expected to reach HCMC on August 10.


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