The best websites to learn Vietnamese for free

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Vietnam’s economy has gone through magical development the past years, which has improved both its living and its investment environments. That combined with the country’s colorful culture, friendly people and magnificent scenes has brought a large number of foreigners over to visit and to work.
A large number of them have decided to stay for long, and learning Vietnamese language is a key.
Unlike in other Southeast Asian countries like Singapore or Malaysia, not many people in Vietnam speak English. So if you plan to live here for a long time, you should learn its native language as soon as possible in order to understand its people and culture.
There are quite many websites which can help you with this, some for free and some with a cost. Below are some of the best websites for learning Vietnamese online for no charge.
Launched in late 2013, is one of the free websites that were professionally invested and have gained big success in teaching Vietnamese to foreigners.
The website is carefully designed with comprehensive content that is easy to understand. Each lesson is a video featuring a conservation of a real-life situation to help learn seven to ten new words or expressions. Students then practice what they have learned with multiple choice exercises.
The website also allows you to learn the language interactively through songs and short films with subtitles.
If learn Vietnamese for free on the website is not enough, you can sign up for Vietnamese classes in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You will have to pay but it’s all worth it.


A group of young Vietnamese living in the US opened this website in 2009 and it received high praises in the beginning. The main character in each lesson is Donna Tran, a Vietnamese-American with nice appearance and perfect American accent. The website’s YouTube channel has gained more than three million views as of the present.
But because Donna left Vietnam as a little girl, her Vietnamese pronunciation no longer sounds authentic. Also, the website has not been updated since 2013 and has stopped at 20 videos of between one to three minutes.
Check it out if you feel interested.
Annie is a nickname of Thuc Anh, a young teacher in Ho Chi Minh City. She opened her YouTube channel in 2012 and although it came later, it has become even more famous than Donna Tran’s. Her website Learn Vietnamese With Annie is basically a collection of her videos from the channel. They are simple and informative.
She also runs classes in Ho Chi Minh City if you care to pay.

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