Students create car that can drive 200km with one liter of fuel

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A team of students from Lac Hong University in southern Vietnam has broken a record they set in March with a new car that can travel 200 kilometers on one liter of methanol. 
The car’s engine was made of motorcycle parts and could reach a speed of more than 50 kilometers per hour. 
Earlier in March, a version of the white vehicle, which covered 164.4km with one liter of fuel, helped the team win the highest prize at the Shell Eco-marathon competition for the Asian region in Manila, the Philippines.

The car, named LH - Gold Energy, was made by a team of eight students at the Dong Nai-based university. Photo credit: Zing

Nguyen Thanh Trung, a senior student in electro-mechanics, said he and his team made the car with recycled materials and motorcycle parts. “All parts were modified to ensure smooth operation and energy efficiency.”

The car body is made of plastic and fiberglass. It is not only lightweight but also aerodynamic. The car is equipped with horn, rear view mirrors and signal lights.

A team member said they had to modify the piston and cylinder of the engine for methanol, which burns at a lower temperature and produces less power than gasoline.

The car is equipped with an analog speedometer and basic fuel and gear indicators. The car was made in six months.

In a recent trial, it can cover a distance of 200km with a liter of methanol, at an average speed of 50kph.

An air pressure gauge in the engine chamber.

Hydraulic brakes are equipped both in the front and rear.

The car is about 60kg with only one seat for the driver. The driver has to wear a helmet due to the car’s lightweight and thin roof.

The team is also making another car running on gasoline. It is expected to cover 150km with a liter of gasoline, at an average speed of 50 kph.

A view of the car.

The unique car has drawn much attention on the street. Nguyen Thanh Trung said: “Our wish is that the car can be commercialized to save money and reduce pollution.”

The team members pose with their car. Lam Thanh Hien, the university’s vice president, said that there is still a long way to go before the model can be commercialized. “But we are still encouraging and supporting the students for their creativity.”

Another vehicle, which covered 164.4km with one liter of fuel, helped the team of Lac Hong University students win the highest prize at the Shell Eco-marathon’s Asia region in Manila, the Philippines in March. 

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